How Pilates can change your life

Pilates is a “whole” body workout that fine tunes, realigns and strengthens every fibre of your body from tip to toe.

Getting to the Core of the Matter

Your abdominal core is the engine that drives every movement in your body. It all starts here.

By connecting with this deep abdominal “powerhouse” and using correct Pilates breathing technique posture improves, flexibility increases and muscles become stronger and leaner.

The Connection Between Breath and Movement

Isn’t breathing the most natural thing you do?

Well, yes but unfortunately the stress of everyday living tends to get in the way.

Too many hours hunched in front of a computer, repetitive strain and sports injuries along with shallow breathing compromise natural body alignment and strength.

Consequently the connection to your engine, the “powerhouse” core is lost and soon enough body strength and alignment is affected.

Using the “Muscle” Between Your Ears

Pilates requires mental concentration as you become in tune with your body. It can even feel like meditation as you discover how to breathe correctly and connect with your body at a deeper level.

Now you may have tried gym programmes before. You may have stood beside Arnie as he winced, puffed and heaved his pumped up biceps through a series of vein popping sets. You may have questioned the value of fifty situps and pushups performed at break neck speed with no form. You would be right. You see as hard as Arnie appears to be working chances are he’s using “all brawn” without engaging that all-important “muscle” – the brain.

Without really thinking about how the body moves, how the connection between brain, breathing and core stability drives everything many people simply go through the motions unaware of the damage they may be doing.

A Happy Client Teacher Match

We want you to feel comfortable and safe with your instructor. This is just as important as the relationship you have with your GP or dentist. To get the best results your instructor needs to know not just your physical requirements but also your individual learning style.

We want you and your instructor to get on and so we like to match clients to instructors.

Studio and Staff

All the instructors at Balmain Bodies are fully certified by internationally acclaimed Pilates organisations. Trained in rehabilitation as well as pre and post natal care all our instructors share the same level of dedication and commitment to the Pilates method.

Jenny Burgess (owner of Balmain Bodies)

What qualifications/training have you done?

Originally I trained as a ballet dancer and worked for many years as a commercial dancer, teacher and choreographer both here and overseas. I taught fitness classes and was Fitness Editor for Australian Slimming Magazine for thirteen years. After qualifying in Reflexology and Anatomy at Sydney’s Naturecare College I set up a successful private clinic and also became a lecturer in Reflexology. In 2003 I began my Pilates training with Helen Tardent at Pilates Moves in Sydney. Recently I was selected as one of only two Australian instructors to undergo a mentoring programme conducted in the USA by Lolita San Miguel. Lolita is one of only two surviving teachers personally trained by the founder, Joseph Pilates. This is such an honour to train with the best and become globally recognized as a second generation Pilates Master.

What attracted you to Pilates in the first place?

I have worked with bodies for many years as a dancer, teacher and lecturer. Pilates just made sense to me. It is such a practical, wholistic approach that doesn’t have a use by date. Pilates trained bodies are living proof of its success. Many Pilates teachers continue to teach and lecture well into their 80s.

How long have you been practicing Pilates?

I have been teaching since 2004.

Why did you become a Pilates instructor?

So I could teach and lecture well into my 80s! Seriously though I am so lucky to be working at something I love and believe in.

What is the best thing about Pilates?

Seeing bodies transform. Flatter abs, strong backs and the spring in the step of happy clients as they walk out the door.

Monica Owen

What qualifications/training have you done?

I am a 1997 graduate of the National Institute of Massotherapy in Ohio, where I held a Medical Board License to practice (Ohio is the only state where Massotherapy is considered a branch of medicine).

I did my Pilates Instructor Training with Stott Pilates, and am currently undertaking the Fletcher Pilates Program of Study.

What attracted you to Pilates in the first place?

My alignment. I signed up for lessons after I saw a photo of myself slouching. I had heard that Pilates was good for posture but I didn’t really know much about it. After the first lesson I felt like a brand new person. I felt vibrant and alive. It was amazing and addictive. I was so convinced I had gotten taller- I even measured myself when I got home. The magic never wore off- I still get that same feeling whenever I practice. I only wish I still had that photo! So much has changed.

How long have you been practicing Pilates?

I have been teaching Pilates since 2001.

Why did you become a Pilates instructor?

Joseph Pilates believed that at some point every man and woman would be practicing his method and that would make the world a better place. A very Utopian vision, however I share the same belief. So on one level, I teach because I find it rewarding to help others. On a deeper level, I believe that the work will benefit society.

What is the best thing about Pilates?

You learn to work smarter, not harder. And you keep getting smarter! So there’s never any ending to what you learn.

Jenni Anderson

What qualifications/training have you done?

I trained as a ballet dancer and for many years worked as a commercial dancer, actor, singer and choreographer. I also ran my own dance school, and eventually made the move into corporate production and event management. It was after I suffered a shoulder injury that I took up pilates. My shoulder recovered and I was hooked! I began training with Helen Tardent of Pilates Moves qualifying in mat and reformer and also completed my cert 3 and 4 Personal Training qualifications.

What attracted you to Pilates in the first place?

Well apart from fixing my shoulder it was the whole body workout that felt so right for me. Not since my last ballet class had I felt this strong, flexible and balanced. The change in my body shape was quite dramatic after a few months and I knew that this is what I wanted to study and keep studying for years to come.

How long have you been practicing Pilates?

I have been practising for 5 years and began teaching early in 2012.

Why did you become a Pilates instructor?

After being desk bound for too long I really needed a change in career that would keep me healthy and strong. I’ve always enjoyed teaching and I teaching Pilates is so rewarding and I learn something every day.

What is the best thing about Pilates?

It works. It’s great seeing the results in clients. Every day I get to see people walk out of the studio a little taller, stronger and less stressed.

Peta Peters

What qualifications/training have you done?

I have been teaching movement and fitness classes for thirty years. A classically trained ballerina, I was a featured dancer in ballet, jazz and contemporary dance productions in Australia, England and the US.

Throughout my dance career Pilates has been the recommended exercise modality for injury prevention, strength and rehabilitation and, having personally experienced the benefits of Pilates in my own body, I welcomed the opportunity to study Pilates formally while living in the US.

I completed 600 hours of training while living in Las Vegas and received my Pilates certification in rehabilitation and conditioning exercise in 2005. I have continued formal training with Balanced Body University in the US and was privileged to study a variety of courses with Elizabeth Larkham (a second generation master trained by Pilates disciple, Eve Gentry), Professor Karen Clippinger and Brent Anderson, co-founder of Polestar Pilates. In 2009, I completed my certification in Scoliosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Hip and Knee Articulation and Pre-Natal Pilates.

I also hold a Bachelor of Business Degree with Honours in Training and Development.

What attracted you to Pilates in the first place?

I don’t know what it’s like to live without Pilates. It’s been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I’ve never suffered from any long-standing injury and I believe it’s because I practice Pilates.

How long have you been practicing Pilates?

For at least 14 years.

Why did you become a Pilates instructor?

I originally studied Pilates to understand how I could apply the discipline to my own body. I love learning and really wanted to know more about Pilates and its effect on my anatomy. The more I learned, the more I realised how I could not only help myself but other people, especially with pain management and posture.  I can honestly say that Pilates directed me to teaching and I feel that I’m a perennial student when it comes to Pilates and its effect on the human body.

What is the best thing about Pilates?

Freedom of movement. I believe that anyone of any age and physical condition can and will improve with Pilates. And it’s fast.