Praise for Balmain Bodies

Erica - 60s

Dowagers hump

Having spent years bent over a computer and laboratory bench, my posture was very poor with lower back pain and the beginnings of a “dowagers hump”. In fact an x-ray taken 6-7 years ago showed the top cervical vertebrae were at right angles to the rest of the spinal column. Jenny has been my Pilates instructor for about 3 years, first in mat classes and then in her Pilates studio. My posture has improved enormously along with gaining strength, muscle tone and stamina. Jenny is a remarkable instructor and I recommend her highly.

Georgie - 46


I have had scoliosis for thirty-five years and although I have tried to manage it through swimming, gym and yoga what I really needed was the detailed correction that Pilates offers. I had done Pilates before but found I really needed a keen eye from the teacher to make sure I was not working into my weakness. Jenny is vigilant in her teaching of Pilates and in turn brings out the best of you in class.

Jeanelle - 40s

Chronic neck pain

When I first started with Jenny I had chronic neck pain, undoubtedly contributed to by years of inactivity and long hours hunching over a computer. Over time, my neck pain, general mobility, strength and flexibility have improved considerably, something that had not been possible with conventional medical treatment alone. I am, thanks to Jenny stronger, less injury prone (if the annual ski holiday is anything to go by!) and generally fitter. That my body also looks better goes without saying!
I would end by emphasising that Jenny’s experience, attention to detail and small classes combine to ensure that you do not do things that may cause you injury. As an added bonus the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere of the studio is second to none, making exercise a pleasure not a chore.

Jennifer - 55

Shoulder instability and bursitis

I was facing a shoulder reconstruction when I decided to give Pilates a try on the advice of my physiotherapist. At that point I couldn’t even lift my arm above shoulder height. I was surprised at how quickly the full range of movement in my shoulder was restored. Not only that but as a result of regular Pilates sessions my posture has improved, I’m getting stronger and my body shape has changed for the better.

Marina - 27


I'm 27 weeks pregnant and I've been doing Pilates at Balmain Bodies 4-5 times a week.
I still don't know what the awful lower back pain is that all pregnant women talk about. My muscles are still very strong and toned. I have put on a healthy amount of weight but my body shape hasn't changed much. I feel that my abdominals are in a very good shape and I will have no problem with the delivery. I feel stronger, have no fluid retention and what's more after every class my breathing is easier.

Rachel - 25

Gym fanatic and runner

I run every morning and was finding that my hamstrings were getting really stiff no matter how much I stretched. I shopped around various studios but it wasn’t until I found Balmain Bodies that I discovered what real Pilates was all about. It has really made a difference and I have been able to counter act all that pavement pounding with the type of deep stretching that really works on my hip flexors, hamstrings achilles and back.

Rhona - 30s

Mother of two

I did my first course of 10 Pilates sessions with Balmain Bodies shortly after my first child was born – I needed to get my body back! After 15 or so years of yoga practice I thought I would have some advantage but Pilates was totally different and I was a complete novice. Jenny was welcoming and very aware of my limitations due to my body’s post-natal state. I love the core discipline of Pilates and I still find it a challenge 3 years later, which I welcome as I only get to exercise once or twice a week so I like to “go hard”! I was forced to take a break from the classes while pregnant with my second child and this time the old body didn’t respond so favourably post natal. All the walking in the world wasn’t helping so back to Jenny I went at the beginning of this year (2010). I was delighted to find the classes busy with like-minded people who, like Jenny and Rene, have no agenda and no judgements other than getting fit and strong. However the true test of success for me was when I had just finished my last course of 10 sessions and was getting ready for bed - my hubby off-handedly commented that he could see my abs again for the first time since we had our children. Safe to say I highly recommend Balmain Bodies because Jenny and her team actually get results – visible ones!

Robert - 69

Knee replacement and spinal degeneration

Prior to having both knees replaced in 2007, I had to use two walking sticks to walk and the ten minute walk from my house to Darling Street, Balmain was an effort. When I stood up I was hunched forward, with a twisted spine, rounded back and bent knees. For the last two years I have been a client of the Pilates studio, Balmain Bodies. Due to the attention of Jenny Burgess my posture, mobility and body strength have improved greatly. Jenny has a very good understanding of anatomy and provides exercises that address the structural and functional deficiencies of your body. I now have a straight posture and I can walk from Balmain to the City and back if I so desire. Due to Jenny’s instruction my quality of life is greatly enhanced and exercise is enjoyable and an important part of my life.

Virginia - 70s


Jenny is a wonderful Pilates teacher. My body shape, fitness and strength has improved out of sight. Jenny is extremely professional and knows the anatomy of the body inside out. I would highly recommend Jenny to anybody who is serious about learning the correct method of Pilates.